RUCI Hoppers are a hit at the very first BBC Countryfile LIVE

BBC’s very first Countryfile LIVE took place at Blenheim Palace, a UNESCO world heritage site, nestled in the vibrant county of Oxfordshire. The 4 day event saw some of Britain’s best summer weather and thousands of visitors including children and pets.

BBC Countryfile LIVE represented a momentous occasion for RUCI: the very first roadtrip for our baby elephant RUCI!

RUCI was out to get some fresh air and eager to acquint itself with the unfamiliar surroundings of the British countryside. Visitors of all ages stopped to pet little RUCI, take selfies, and admire the magnificence that it was.

RUCI-HoppersDespite the hype around a baby elephant roaming the British countryside, the highlight of BBC Countryfile LIVE was the popular traditional Sri Lankan breakfast crepe: Hoppers.

Stopping many people in their tracks and proving a delight, particularly for the younger visitors, RUCI Hoppers were a real hit with the masses. The fans loved the coconut flavour and the lightness of these crepes. RUCI Hoppers were served with traditional accompaniments: RUCI Katta Sambol, RUCI Seeni Sambol, RUCI Red Coconut Sambol and RUCI Green Coconut Sambol.

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