Our Story


RUCI is all about natural, ethically sourced Sri Lankan food. Our production facility in Sri Lanka was established in 1986 to cater to the needs of Sri Lankan migrants the world over.  The years have seen our range of over 100 cooking essentials become a staple in Sri Lankans’ kitchens in over 15 countries.




All our key ingredients are sourced locally in Sri Lanka where the products are prepared and packaged.  We pioneered in establishing sourcing channels that created opportunities for farming communities. By buying our ingredients directly from them at the fair market price, we were able to uplift their standard of living.

With the help of the Government, local authorities and Non-Governmental Organisations, we are always reaching out to new communities. These efforts have triggered a grass root movement to boost employment and economic empowerment. We have taken initiatives to aid those who were displaced or lost their livelihood due to the civil unrest;  particularly women breadwinners. One of our key campaigns is stabilizing prices throughout the year,  normalising seasonal price drops to ensure regularity in incomes for these communities.


Being renowned for our quality and ethical sourcing, the popularity of our products grew amongst Sri Lankans living overseas. Our efforts have been recognized with awards and accolades from international and national organizations over three decades. RUCI comes to you, backed by our long-standing history of success.