Enjoy the authentic flavours of Sri Lanka with our range of Hoppers, Sambols, Chutneys, Pickles and Curry Pastes.

All our products are made in Sri Lanka with 100% Natural ingredients.


Hopper are popular Sri Lankan street food that could be enjoyed any time of the day. We have everything you need to make the classic Sri Lankan Hoppers.

RUCI Hopper Pan – Premium Swiss technology non-stick coating and glass lid.

RUCI Hopper Mix with easy to follow instructions. Vegan and Gluten free

Vegan Sambols / Relishes

Sambols are an essential part of the Sri Lankan diet. They are ready to eat condiments and very versatile to add a burst of flavour to traditional Sri Lankan meals, but don’t let that stop you from being adventurous and exploring new and exciting ways to spice up any meal

Vegan Chutneys

Explore these delicate flavour combination of sweet base fruits with chillies and aromatic spices to tantalise your taste buds. Something on the side to spice up your meals or snacks.

Fish Pickles

Ready to eat condiments with fish, the most common source of protein in a Sri Lankan diet. We bring to you these special recipe condiments to add a extra flavours to your favourite Sri Lankan meals.

Easy Cook Spice Blends

Our range of spice blends that can help you whip up traditional Sri Lankan dishes quickly and easily. Sri Lankan curry powder and other essential ingredients all combined into a convenient paste.

Jar of Ruci Sri Lankan chicken curry paste Jar of Ruci Sri Lankan fish curry paste Jar of Ruci Sri Lankan buriyani paste Jar of Ruci Sri Lankan rasam paste


Chilli and Tomato sauces infused with Sri Lankan spices and natural flavours.