closeup of bowl of Sri Lankan fish curry

Sri Lankan Fish Curry

In the paradise island of Sri Lanka, you’re only ever a few hours away from the sea. Seafood, and fish in particular, features in many forms in daily meals. The RUCI Fish Curry paste brings you all the spices and flavours to experience this phenomenal reminder of the island in our Sri Lankan Fish Curry […]

Studio photograph of cooked bowl of Sri Lankan lamb curry with Ruci curry paste next to it on wooden board

Slow Cooked Sri Lankan Lamb Curry

In Sri Lanka, Lamb is a delicacy, and Lamb Curry is a treat that few will pass up. Our Sri Lankan Lamb Curry Recipe will show you how to make this traditional Sri Lankan dish, using an easy, non-conventional method. Slow cooking the meat allows more time for the rich flavours to infuse and the […]

Cooked bowl of Sri Lankan chicken curry with ingredients on wooden board

Sri Lankan Chicken Curry

The Sri Lankan chicken curry is a staple and a popular dish regardless of the time of day. Sri Lanka is one of the few places where you can have chicken curry for breakfast, usually with String Hoppers (Hand-pressed Rice Noodles in a small pancake shaped formation) or Kiribath (Milk Rice). We at RUCI have […]