Taste of Sri Lanka

Ruci is a Tamil word synonymous with taste. Taste is the essence of food, and food is the essence of life. We at RUCI are passionate about good food, and our Sri Lankan heritage has led us to create fantastic authentic products that allow you to experience Sri Lankan food in your own home.


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Dietary Preference

We have meticulously sourced the perfect ingredients and recipes for all our products to ensure that you get a truly authentic, aromatic, delectable Sri Lankan experience. Whether you are making a curry, complementing your favourite meal with our sambols and chutneys or just enjoying our unique Ceylon Mix snack on the go, RUCI has got you covered.



Apart from serene beauty and loving hospitality, if there’s one thing that everyone who has been to Sri Lanka loves to talk about, its food. The Sri Lankan cuisine of today is the result of collective influences by the cuisines of Dutch, Portuguese and British colonial settlers. The natural climate and landscape of the country produces the best of traditional spices such as Cinnamon, Black & White Peppers as well as beverage crops introduced to the country such as Tea, Cocoa & Coffee.

The aroma and flavours of the locally grown spices, coconut and chili give Sri Lankan dishes their distinct taste.


All RUCI products are handmade in Sri Lanka, by our A bowl of Sri Lankan chicken currydedicated team with over 100 years of collective experience; to family recipes and traditional cooking methods handed down through generations. With 30 years of experience in making high quality Sri Lankan food products under different brands, RUCI is a new chapter where we are introducing the TASTE OF SRI LANKA to those seeking to explore the art of Sri Lankan Cuisine.


A bowl of Sri Lankan fish curry next to a jar of Ruci fish curry pasteOur ingredients are all natural and are ethically sourced; hand-picked direct from growers. We work closely with the farmers to ensure freshness and flavours of our ingredients and by paying a fair price for their produce; as our contribution to the sustainability of natural and chemical-free farming.

We have ready-to-eat chutneys and sambols; as well as easy-cook curry pastes and classic Sri Lankan Hopper mix for the culinary enthusiast to recreate the dishes in your own home.