Our Story

During a routine visit to Sri Lanka in 2012 of RUCI's founder Thana Sivasambu, witnessed the farmers in the Northern Province destroying their crops as they had no means to fetch a reasonable price for their produce. Destroying them was the only economically viable solution! That day, she made a vow to find a way to avoid this happening again. After relentlessly exploring into this, in the hope of finding a solution Thana learned that this is a challenge faced by many small landowner farmers across Sri Lanka. She also found that the farmers face more losses as post-harvest waste due to poor storage and logistics is as high as between 35% - 40%. These findings inspired Thana to come up with ways to support the farmers of Sri Lanka. This is how RUCI - Authentic Sri Lankan came to be - ingredients sourced directly from farmers at a fair price and all products are made and packaged in Sri Lanka. This will not only help to support the farmers by creating a steady demand for their produce but also help generate sustainable job opportunities locally in Sri Lanka.

Handmade in small batches to preserve the goodness and flavours of the fresh ingredients bought from close to their source. Traditional recipes have been further developed to capture and elevate the natural flavours and goodness of spices and ingredients, without the addition of any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.